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The District is responsible for reviewing Floodplain Use Permit applications, establishing conditions for acceptable floodplain development and issuing FPUP which authorize constriction within the floodplain. This District is also responsible for evaluating concerns of Pima County residents regarding development that is occurring without authorization, but for which a permit is necessary. The Drainage Complaint process is the primary mechanism for this compliance assessment. The Drainage Complaint process is also used by Pima County residents to alert the District of the need for maintenance of District-owned or managed facilities.


There are two primary ways that permits are processed by the District. The most common way is for single-lot development through a Floodplain Use Permit (FPUP). Improvements such as houses, additions, barns, fences, walls, grading and other similar activities are permitted with FPUPs. Commercial developments and residential development such as the creation of subdivisions are generally permitted through the development review process.

For more information on permits, and how to obtain a permit, please see the Permits web page.

Drainage Complaints:

Drainage Complaints handled by the District range from issues of neighbors diverting flow to the maintenance of drainage infrastructure such as channels and bank protection. For more information on Drainage Complaints, and how to file a Drainage Complaint, please see the Drainage Complaint web page.

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