The Lower Santa Cruz River Living River Project

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Regional Optimization Master Plan (ROMP) will upgrade the two major regional wastewater treatment plants discharging to the Lower Santa Cruz River (LSCR). Pima County received a grant from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to evaluate the effect of effluent water quality upgrades as a result of ROMP on a wetland in the LSCR. This website includes resources collected for the project.

Project Overview

The Lower Santa Cruz River in northeastern Pima County is Arizona’s longest effluent-dependent river and creates the County’s principal wetland habitat. Significant steps are underway to improve wetland ecosystems along the Lower Santa Cruz River (LSCR), most notably Pima County’s Regional Optimization Master Plan (ROMP). Using the successful EPA-funded “Living River” series as a model, Pima County will develop a monitoring strategy and similar reporting tool for the Lower Santa Cruz River with the assistance of a Technical Committee of experts and stakeholders. The project will provide numerous environmental outcomes including increased understanding of wetland conditions, and improved public understanding of the value of wetlands.

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