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Risk Reduction Through Hazard Education
or "It Floods in the Desert?"

District staff strives to develop and utilize the most current, accurate flood hazard information possible to promote the public welfare of all residents of Pima County. One of the most difficult parts of that process is conveying the significant risk of flood hazards in a desert environment. Let's face it, most people don't equate deserts and flooding. The District is always trying to improve how we make sure that the public has the information and tools available to know what hazards affect them. The District encourages you to review the outreach information on this page and become better informed about flood hazards in Pima County.


Flood Hazard Information for Kids

The District actively promotes flood safety amongst young residents of Pima County. Our spokesperson to kids is Hank Highwater, who can be found telling kids about flood safety in the Bear Essentials newspaper and on SunTran buses. Hank has his own special place on our website at the High Ground Ranch.

Flood Hazard Brochures, Handouts, FAQs, and More

The District has developed a wide variety of documents to promote flood safety. Please read the documents below to learn more. Some of the links below are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. Visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader site to download Acrobat Reader for FREE.

Multi-media: video and audio files

The following links are to video and audio files, and require a media player to access. File sizes are less than 1 Megabyte unless otherwise noted.

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