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The Water Resources Division encompasses a diverse group of programs that support the Regional Flood Control District mission by protecting public safety and providing a balanced multi-objective approach to managing regional watercourses and their natural and water resources.

Image of riparian habitat.We maintain and operate an extensive Precipitation and Streamflow Monitoring program (ALERT System). Central to this program is a network of sensors that automatically collect and transmit hydrometeorologic data from regional watersheds that affect eastern Pima County. This system is important in flood warning/emergency preparedness efforts and data collected is useful for other purposes.

Image of riparian habitat.Rain and streamflow in our arroyos and rivers support vegetation that, due to the presence of water, is distinctly different from the vegetation of adjacent upland areas. These wetter habitats are called riparian areas. Riparian areas contain critical ecosystems that support native and migratory species. In fact, Sixty to seventy-five percent of all species in Arizona rely on a riparian environment at some point during their life cycle. The Riparian Habitat Protection program includes the administration of our Riparian Habitat Ordinance. Planning and construction of projects that include Riparian Habitat Restoration provides an array of benefits to the natural environment and the urban community. Riparian Land Acquisition and Management is important as both natural riparian areas and constructed ecosystem restoration projects can have unique resources and management needs.

The water resources in Pima County are used not only to support the environment, but also to support the community. Through our Groundwater Recharge and Replenishment program we are replenishing the urban aquifer. Our Water Conservation and Management program contributes to regional drought management and public education. We have an array of Water Resources Planning and Reports available.

Many of these programs and other activities carried out by staff support the goals and objectives of the Pima County Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, and associated Multi-Species Conservation Plan.

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